Opticodec-PC Streaming Encoder LE V2.1.16 ((EXCLUSIVE))

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Opticodec-PC Streaming Encoder LE V2.1.16

Dec 2, 2009
Opticodec-PC Streaming Encoder LE v2.1.16. Opticodec-PC is a MPEG-4 AAC/aacPlus encoder for Windows, and a streaming server for wireless clients like Apple iPhone/iPod touch.
Mar 11, 2010
Winnipeg Information TechnologyThe OSU Optical Science Department has achieved a significant milestone in its transition into the Laboratory for Ocular Science and Technology.
2012 by Opticodec-PC streaming encoder 1.0.

Oct 2, 2009
Reflection Transform-An eSight project in the UK
Opticodec-PC Streaming Encoder LE V2.1.16
The NZMA Optics Sector Facility took out the Best in Class award at the 2015 New Zealand Optics Institute Awards.
HUGS project– Seeing together for Healthy Growth and Success.

May 6, 2013
S4V Vueshare Wireless video streaming software
Vueshare – wireless video streaming software for mobile/wireless devices.

Feb 21, 2012
Nova Scotia Legislature
The Nova Scotia Legislature is now using Opticodec-PC streaming encoder version 2.3.6 to provide live streaming video of the House of Assembly to any device on the internet.

Jun 25, 2011
Parliament of Canada
The Commons Digital Legislative Broadcasting System uses Opticodec-PC streaming encoder to provide real-time streaming of the House of Commons to any device on the internet.

Dec 1, 2009
Research from the University of Glasgow has found that castleglass, which is being used as table tops across the UK, can sometimes become covered in bacteria and mould.

Dec 18, 2008
The castleglass industry leads the UK market for tabletop glass, with the industry forecast to

Mar 11, 2010
Daniel Smith of York Media told AVN that Opticodec-PC is focused on doing business with the “big operators”, which he said “leads to good (feedback).”
Opticodec-PC Streaming Encoder LE V2.1.16; Saburell
Sept 26, 2018
Opticodec, a Swiss company that specializes in RTSP players, has released a Windows-based client that has all the functionality of a full-blown streaming video player, for only $49.95.

Corporate history
Erik Heilig (founder of Opticodec), has been working at the same time in video streaming and high-definition movies. He has been building technologies since 1998 that eventually led to the development of optocodec. He was also involved with numerous startups and companies related to the mass market technologies in personal communication tools. He created two popular interactive web sites in the multimedia industry, see List of web-based multimedia websites, and developed several software products.


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What is the difference between “$-f” and “–force”

I’m using some backup programs and I was wondering what the difference was between using “$-f” and “–force” when using the cp command. What if I have a file named “tmp.php” in my home directory that I’ve renamed to “tmp.txt” using “$-f”?


First “$-f” is a feature of Bash shell, see Bash man page.
In particular, if I recall well, “$-f” is a “magic” variable which contains the full pathname of the standard input if the command is executed interactively and there are unmatched file names in the argument list; it is set (and expanded) before “$@”.
The –force option is a GNU/Linux special option which forces the removal of an object even if it is currently opened (so you can write on it), or even locked by an other process. It is a GNU/Linux command and the option is not really present in other systems (not in BSD’s cp either,


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