We know that you have questions about our products. That’s why we answered most of them. Search these answers below or contact us if it is not listed.  

What is the natural color of the hair?

Dark to medium brown, unless you purchase blonde hair extensions.

How long does the hair last?

Raw hair extensions can last over 5 years with proper care and Virgin hair extensions can last over 2 years with proper care.

How do I care for my raw hair extensions?

Shampoo once or twice a month, co-wash once a week or bi weekly. For Raw hair extensions, less is more.

Products recommended are:

  • Garnier Fruitis Hello Hydration shampoo and conditioner (blue bottle)
  • Silicone mix shampoo and conditioner

What is Virgin Hair?

Virgin hair is human hair that has all the cuticles aligned to prevent shedding and tangling. It is usually steam processed for its texture, luster (shine) or curl pattern.

What is Raw Hair?

Raw hair is hair that has been sourced from a single donor and has not been processed in any way for its texture or luster (shine). Our raw hair is cut from young donors, washed, wefted and shipped.

How can I receive knowledge on my LACED hair extensions?

Email us and we will walk you through the process of getting all the information you need to care for your hair and hair extensions.

Product Questions

Here we answer all of the common questions in regards to our products.

What is the difference between lace closure, silk base closure, frontal and 360 frontal?

Lace closure vs. Silk base closure:

Lace closure is lace with hair ventilated through small hole in the lace, it lays flat on your head where your leave out would normally be. Normally the size range from 4×4 or 5×5.

Silk base closure has the same base as the lace closure but there is a thin layer of silk that mimics the look of a natural scalp. It does not lay as flat as a lace closure but the parting area looks more realistic than a lace closure. Silk base closures size is the same as lace closures

Frontal vs. 360 Frontal:

Frontals are similar to lace closure, they are lace with hair ventilated into the small holes on the lace however the size of a frontal is usually 13×4 (ear to ear) which gives you more parting room and a hairline.

360 Frontals are similar to the ounces listed above, in regard to hair being ventilated into the lace, however the 360 frontal covers the perimeter (circumference) of your head (all around your head, only the middle is left open, to add bundles).

Can LACED hair be bleached or dyed?

YES! We recommend you have a professional color your hair extensions. Please contact one of our colorist for assistance.

What is the difference in curl pattern?

Our Indian curly is loose to tight curls with ringlets at the end.

Our Cambodian deep wave is loose to medium waves and sometimes may have ringlets at the end.

Our Vietnamese wavy is loose waves that sometimes have tight waves.

Will my virgin/raw hair blend with my African American hair?

Our virgin hair matches well with permed or pressed African American hair. Our raw hair blends well with African American hair pressed or permed as well. However, it has more texture (coarseness) than virgin hair.

Does the raw hair get poofy and frizzy?

Yes it is, natural hair with no processing what so ever, so it reacts to the natural elements in the environment as your natural hair does.

How many bundles will you need?

12″-16″ 2 Bundles
18″-22″ 3 Bundles
24″ & Up 3 to 4 Bundles


*May Vary*

Do the clothes fit true to size?

Our clothes are unique so we recommend referring to our size chart to make sure the items fit properly. However most of our items have lots of stretch to fit perfect!

Can I order an item that is out of stock?

You can only order items that are currently in stock, however you can send us a email with the item name and we can contact you if it becomes available for purchase.

How do I clean my LACED clothes?

We recommend Dry Clean Only.

Do you make custom clothes?

Yes we do! We create custom pieces just for you! You can send us a sketch or picture and we can recreate it for you. Just contact us for more detailed information.

How can I receive a personal stylist through LACED?

Email us and we will walk you through the process of getting our personal stylist to assist you.

Are your lipsticks cruelty-free?

Yes all of our lipsticks and products are acquired in the most responsible manner.

Are your lipsticks tested on animals?

No we do not test on animals.

Should I use a liner?

It’s up to you and what your preference is.

How can I receive makeup support?

Email us and we will walk you through the process of getting LACED makeup up support.

Shipping, Returns and Exchanges

For items not in stock, processing time for this hair is 7-14 days until further notice. You will receive your order within the mentioned timeframe. Please plan accordingly, as orders will not be cancelled for not acknowledging our order processing times.

Do you offer expedited shipping?

Most items ship USPS express 2-3 day.

If you need it faster we can do 1 day, please email us for instructions.

International shipping is offered through UPS, FedEx, DHL or USPS.

What is your processing time?

Items in stock are processed within 1-3 days. Items not in stock normally take 3-7 days unless they are custom orders, which will take 7-14 days.

What is your refund/exchange policy?

No refunds or exchanges on Closures, Frontals, 360 Frontals, custom coloring and ALL Wigs. Due to the nature of these products, we are unable to accept refunds or exchanges.

We accept exchange within 7 days of delivery on hair extensions and lipstick. Once items are returned in the acceptable condition, refund will be granted. For exchange once item is returned in the acceptable condition can email us with the item you would like to exchange. This process is faster than you reordering online.

We accept exchange on clothing within 5 days. Please email us (lacedboutiques@gmail.com) for clothing refund or exchange directions.

No refunds on abandoned shipments

Customers are responsible for all shipping cost on all of our returned and/or exchanged items.